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By Mike Banks Valentine
Monday, November 15, 2004; 1:20pm EST

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Work at Home The Step Rescue Mission for Any Failing or Low Producing Home Business

Without Traffic your business will fail and you will be broke! Traffic.More Traffic.Massive Traffic.Equals Profits.

More Profits.Massive Profits. It's a simple formula that no Work at Home, Home Business, Online Business, or Inspiring Internet Entrepreneur can afford to ignore. A web site is like a bottomless belly, that can never be filled, and we must never fall for the illusion that our current performance level is enough.

The more traffic you are able to drive to your web site, the greater financial opportunity you will provide for you and your family. This is the only way to keep any business which has any internet presence at all alive. We all need Traffic. Now, you need to say it for the success of your business, and for the sake of your dreams. Say, I need Traffic, and lots of it. May we sojourn.

We all heard location.location.location. This has proven to be the "success formula" for traditional businesses. We now are apart of a much greater age, with opportunity so phenomenal, that if it was told to graveyards far and wide, the earth would shake for the multitudes who would turn in their grave.

I believe that some would give their historical fame and accomplishments to be apart of this exciting internet age. I believe that the same would go on to astound the world with far greater accomplishments, which would ignite a flame that would transcend their current historical accomplishments, to the point of making them appears as a match without the gasping life of ascending smoke. In our day and age the word is no longer location.location.location. Rather Traffic.

More Traffic.Massive Traffic. While we agree on this truth. The question becomes, how in the world do we drive the traffic necessary to be a powerful 5-6 figure monthly income giant online.

This question and the inability to answer it, is the reason for the 98.5% failure rate for Work at Home online businesses. With those odds.Let flee back into the arms of the corporate world, right? WRONG! DEAD WRONG!! The 40/40 Plan never can be right.

Recall to your remembrance what your parents or meaningful adult told you before. Two wrongs can never make a right. My.anything but Corporate America.

So, what is the solution? Very simple do what the "Internet Hot Shots " have done. Learn where to get the tools, and then get the tools to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website. More importantly apply the tools, without ceasing and drive with persistence until you realize your dream. That's what all the boosters of huge incomes online have done.

I shake my head at those who purposely seek to keep the masses in the dark when it comes to such a crucial necessity as driving traffic to your web site. They do this foolishly convinced that the internet can be saturated. This late afternoon I was on a conference call, and heard this gent ask about saturation on the internet. I was not hosting the call, so didn't want to elect myself as such, by answering the gent's question. However, I would have answered him with this thought provoking question. Name, how many stars are in this one galaxy that we are apart of.

I would have then asked this fellow gent, how far apart do the stars appear to him at the distance in which he can see them. Point being, that with millions of stars in our galaxy, the star are still yet so far away from each other, providing room for constant growth without saturation. Now, when you consider in my opinion, the Internet is mans best attempt to imitate Gods creation of the universe. Thus if our galaxy can conceal millions upon millions of stars, with out saturation, then I have no other choice but to believe that the internet can handle 1000's of successful internet marketers without saturation. So, why keep the seekers in the dark? There is no reason at all.

With this in mind.my concept is to share it all. Here is your 3 Step Rescue Mission for Any Failing or Low Producing Home Business.

Traffic More Traffic Massive Traffic Got Traffic? Get Traffic Copyright (c) 2007 Antonio Easter.

Antonio Easter is a Master Internet Marketer, Home Business Mentor and Coach, who speacializes in helping people from every walk of life, walk away from their 9-5 within 30 days. He provides time tested inexpensive tools which are proven to drive Massive Amounts of Traffic to any Website. See How You Can Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website, for less than you will pay for 3 Cups of Coffe. http://www.100keverymonth.com

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