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By Mike Banks Valentine
Monday, November 15, 2004; 1:20pm EST

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Top Ways to Send Boats Loads Of Traffic to Your Authority Site

With increasing competition in online visibility it is imperative that you employ the right methods to list your site on the top ranks of search engines. An authority site status will give you a definite edge over others in your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Following are the five important tips as how to get the best traffic for the authority sites. Traffic Tactic #1.

Article Syndication With article syndication the authority sites can easily increase their traffic. Always keep in mind that the article syndication most often attracts the visitors and generates brand consciousness. Most of the time, visitors examine the articles on the websites and then click on the link to the authority sites in order to find further related information on that very topic.

Once they enter into the authority site, the quality of the content of the articles should be fit their demand fervor. Brand consciousness is another important expression for the authority sites and article syndication can no doubt boost that up. Don't forget that once the impending customers take notice of your site on various websites, your profile will be elevated and gradually your site will be regarded as an authority on that very subject matter. You can also add point scores along with the search engines. This will further improve your site rank.

These points will help raise more links in your site along with the increased number of visitors. Traffic Tactic #2. Press Releases Press releases are excellent methods of advertising for an authority sites. You can keep a news section in your site beginning with the press release of the initiation of your site. This can be regularly updated whenever you add certain new features to your authority site.

These releases can be easily submitted to various news sites like the PRWeb which will act as organic feeds to advertise your site. Traffic Tactic #3. Viral Marketing Link building, which is very important to the ranking of the authority sites, now gets easier with viral marketing. The links are normally found in the content of the relevant articles, stories or even in the blog posts.

Link building market has now been taken over by the optimizing viral marketing. These links are of soaring quality as these can not be spammed. The more links made, the more traffic you get in your authority sites. Traffic Tactic #4. RSS Syndication RSS syndication is an expertise that dispenses the content throughout the web, where the same very thing gets repeatedly published by the third party web sites. With RSS Syndication you can posit your site's content in all corners of the web.

This will result in thousands of links from applicable sites to your content and shall raise the traffic of your site. When RSS syndication is made on a site, other sites are then entitled to organize the contents and the visitors can also subscribe to the site. This subscription is no doubt a positive vote for your content.

Traffic Tactic #5. SEO and Page rank Most of the chief search engines use links to verify the importance of the website. Whereas Google uses the links to establish the Page Rank.

The more the number of related links to your site and vice versa, the better are your chances of getting slotted in the top rankings of Google. The basic aim of all search engines is to get the appropriate results to a search request. A good page rank will increase your chances of being the top contender immensely. Of course, you also need to make sure that your links with these other sites are with similar authority sites so that there is no devaluation in the quality and content of your site by association.

Cory Threlfall is an Internet Marketer and website developer. He publishes a blog called Strategic Online Business and Marketing Tactics on a weekly basis at - http://www.corythrelfall.com . If your looking for a service that builds Authority Sites go to - http://www.corythrelfall.com/recommends/ASC.html

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