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By Mike Banks Valentine
Monday, November 15, 2004; 1:20pm EST

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Learn About on line Business

The truth about working online is basically that it has its bad points as well as the good points. Its not as easy as it sounds or everyone would be successfully doing it. Consider this question, Is starting an online business for you? Get the unpolished, bare facts now: 1.

When you start your own online business, you get to make the ultimate decision about what you want to do. You can take a hobby and turn it into revenue or take a simple skill and use this foundation for creating your own genuine business online. Above all you get to choose something that you really enjoy and be your own boss. Negative: There may not be enough interest in your products or services to allow your business to grow. You need to realize that to become successful in your online business there needs to be a demand for your products and services.

Help: To avoid the ultimate disaster of complete failure, do some online research before you proceed further, in order, to determine if there is a definite demand for your products or services. Also, make sure that youre choosing a business option for the long haul and not some type of trend that will soon whither away. 2. Depending on your type of business, you usually get to choose your own hours. Flexible hours can be wonderful when you have children or other type of activities that you like to participate in at various times. Negative: Starting your own home business often requires numerous hours when first starting out.

Usually youre working on your own and have the sole responsibility of completing projects and scheduled tasks. Outsourcing is very difficult as well since funds are low during your first couple of years of business. Help: Reinvest a certain amount of profit each month back into your business to make a faster progress with your business growth.

Create a financial budget and use low cost marketing methods to allow your business a greater monthly profit. Set specific hours for work as much as possible and set a definite time to plan activities with your family outside of your work hours. 3.

Marketing your online business allows many free advertising options. Your business startup costs are usually very low, depending on the the type of business youre starting. Negative: Online marketing is not always as easy as it seems. In fact, getting sufficient traffic to your site can be quite discouraging. Help: Educate yourself all you can about internet marketing.

There are many ways to use free resources; however, you need to be careful about getting the wrong information. Find some successful internet marketers by keeping a lookout online. Youll often hear positive feedback from other business owners when theyve found helpful resources that have helped them succeed.

Look for some online forums dealing with internet marketing. 4. It simply feels wonderful to be the boss and make your own decisions. You dont have to worry about calling in sick when necessary or begging the boss for a day off.

Negative: An online business can often times be lonely. You usually have no assistants or staff with which to discuss ideas. You also do not have additional support from leaders since youre usually the sole owner of your business. Sometimes you have to work when youre sick if you cannot afford to hire an assistant. Help: Find an online or local support group in your targeted field and take time to communicate and learn from their mistakes and successes. There are numerous networking groups online that are often happy to discuss business issues with other entrepreneurs.

To prepare for sick days, manage your time extremely well. Theres nothing like being sick and suddenly realizing you have a list of 100 projects you have to get done at the last minute because you procrastinated. As soon as you can afford to do so, train a virtual assistant that can work on call whenever youre sick. Having someone to answer email and take care of other tedious tasks can be a big relief.

5. Once your have your online business up and running, you often have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Youre eager to work and build your business. Enthusiasm has you on top of the mountain. Youre now a full-fledged business owner. Negative: Discouragement can quickly settle in with problems such as building your client base, web site hosting problems, work overload, customer complaints, overwhelming expenses, financial management, etc.

Help: Set goals that you can easily reach without getting overwhelmed. This will help you keep that sense of accomplishment. Make strategy plans for marketing and maintaining technical issues for your business. Seek expert advice in any area that you lack knowledge.

Read useful information on business building issues. Hire a virtual (or local) assistant for bookkeeping if you lack financial managing abilities. You want to focus on your business needs rather than worrying over financial matters. Finally, get recommendations from online mentors regarding a good quality hosting company, email management, useful software that can ease the work load and other online matters that pertain to your type of business.

To summarize the matter, working online may have many negative points, but the positive can easily outweigh the negative when you educate yourself well in your online business adventure. You can avoid many pitfalls ahead of time by planning and preparing for problems before they arise. Owning an online business might not be for everyone, but considering the fact that it doesnt take much expense to start your own website, it should definitely be something worth considering.

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