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By Mike Banks Valentine
Monday, November 15, 2004; 1:20pm EST

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Affiliate Marketing Is A Real Business Treat It Like One

On the Internet, it is not uncommon to hear of someone going online and reporting their first sale or commission the very next day. You've probably heard of others who struggled to figure out what works and what doesn't through trial and error, and then finally starting to see real money. Still there is the third group of people who try to make money online by dabbling in various methods, who NEVER see a penny for their efforts. Truth be told, making money on the Internet is not all that hard (if you know what to do and take ACTION). So, how do you make money on line as fast as possible? The first thing you must do is get your mind right.

If you want to make money online you need to approach it as a business. This is not a hobby. This not gambling. And luck has nothing to do with it. Businesses, both online and off, work because they have a plan, and they tirelessly put the plan into action.

Now, before you spend the next month trying to figure out a business plan, let me show you a shortcut. Follow a proven Internet business plan ALREADY making people a lot of money! What I'm going to show you is an example of an Affiliate Marketing Business Plan that works. I just want to make one thing clear. There are other ways to be successful online and stuff your bank accounts with cash. And each requires a plan.

But this is the fastest, cheapest and most effective plan for making money online that I know of. (Why not start with something you can get up and running quickly, and start getting those commission checks in the bank?) Here are the 3 things you need for a successful affiliate marketing business: 1) You must have a lead collection system. This means an Autoresponder service. After they are on your list, you can send them to the affiliate product you are promoting, give them a free ebook, follow up with messages and recommend other related products in the future.

2) You must have a "squeeze page". This is a place where you collect a prospects name and email address in exchange for valuable information. Obviously, this goes in hand with #1, your Autoresponder service.

3) You must send targeted traffic to your squeeze page. Once your squeeze page is set up and hooked up with your Autoresponder service, you need to send people to the page so they can sign up. Obviously, the product you promote should solve a problem, so you need to send people to the page that actually have the problem.

And, that's it! But wait. What about a website or blog? Just because you have a website or blog does not mean you have an Internet Business. Look, tons of affiliates have websites and blogs and post their affiliate links there. And they get limited results. The reason is it is not a business. What you need is an affiliate marketing business which consists of a squeeze page to collect prospects names and email addresses, an Autoresponder service so you can follow up with the prospects and targeted traffic so people can sign up.

That my friend, is a business plan that works! Now, you're probably wondering how you can have a squeeze page online without a website or blog. And this is what makes this plan so fast and easy to implement. There is a way for you to get the entire squeeze page system done for you! You can have. High opt-in rate squeeze pages. Branded eBooks with your affiliate links.

Presell pages for top affiliate products. Follow up messages to build YOUR list. And BONUSES for purchasing. . and you can have this all set up today without learning HTML, building a website or maintaining a blog! This means that 95% of all the HARD work is done for you! So, you can have your Affiliate Marketing System up and running in minutes. not days, weeks or months! This frees you up do concentrate on what really matters for affiliate marketing success.

Identifying the people who need the product you are promoting and sending them to your squeeze page to enter the recommendation process. This business model works, but the only way for you to start seeing real money in your bank account is to get started following a proven system!.

Edward Lomax is an Internet Marketer who makes money online in a variety of ways. However, after careful consideration, affiliate marketing without a website is his favorite for quick, consistent money online. To learn how to put this affiliate marketing business plan into action, go to: Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

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